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10 types of stains and their solutions

One of the inconveniences that we encounter in everyday life are the stains. Have you recently purchased a blouse, and when you dining out, you stained it with sauce, your child’s clothes is full of carrot juice, you had guests, and tablecloths are full of stains of wine an so on …

It is good to know that besides cleaning products that you find in stores, there are a lot of tricks that you can call to resolve this problem. Here are 10 common stains and their solutions.

1. Butter stains
Apply immediately on it tissue paper, then dust it with white clay. After drying, brush the area. The clay absorbs the oil , makeup, fragrance stains.
2. Fruit stains
If  the cloth is colorful and made from cotton  apply curd and leave it on for 1-2 hours. Then wash normally. If it’s wool, apply white vinegar and rinse with water.
3. Paint stains
If the paint is already dry to remove excess stain scrape the paint. Then apply turpentine  with a clean towel and damp.
4. Blood stains
Do not put hot water on the stain. Take effervescent aspirin (powder) and apply it on the stain by rubbing slowly. Allow to dry and then clean with a brush. Repeat if necessary.
5. Red wine stains
Immediately put hot milk on the stain, give more hours to act, and the stain will disappear as if by magic.
6. Tea stains
Just add a few drops of lemon juice and rinse with cold water until the stains go away.
7. Sweat stains
Use lemon juice to get rid of them. Let the juice dry on the stain and then wash normally. If it’s a woolen blouse,  leave to soak for a few hours in cold water mixed with vinegar.
8. Egg stains
Put cold water on the stain immediately, possibly with a little soap.
9. Chocolate stains
Put on the spot immediately warm glycerin rub, then rinse with lukewarm water. The stain will immediately disappear.
10. Sweetness stains
The first movement is to take excess sweetness with a knife, then put the object under running cold water and then wash it normal. The type of sweetness matters because cranberry  stains are harder to remove.10 types of stains and their solutions.

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10 types of stains and their solutions

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