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10 Worst Makeup Mistakes

Every girl, or woman, or even grandmother use makeup. But do they know exactly how to do it? It may seem simple since everyone is doing it but that doesn’t mean it is really something that anyone can do. Of course, anyone could learn how to use makeup products. Most women learn it just by always practicing and they just realize, in time, what fits them best and what isn’t good for them. However, there are many girls who aren’t good at this, and they are make many fatal mistakes. That happens when the makeup that they wear is making them look uglier, instead of beautiful. Makeup exists to help us look better, not worse. So here are some common mistakes which, sadly, are more and more well-known but not avoided.

1.The most fatal mistake that can make you look really, really ugly is this one: too carefully studied eyebrows. Eyebrows have to look natural, the thick ones are now fashionable. You should never leave your home with your brows contoured. They shouldn’t be too thin or too sharp. Just make them look as natural as possible. And also, they shouldn’t be a lot more darker than your hair color. Just a tone or two.

2. Stop using dark colored eye shadows on the daytime. That is a mistake that most women do because the dark color make them look out of common. By doing that they send signals that they want to be noticed. What you need to have in mind is that dark colors are not fit for the daytime. They will make you look ridiculous.Like a clown.

3.The black eyeliner is all women passion. However, the blonde ones shouldn’t always use it because if the strong, unnatural contrast. The ones with blue or green eyes can use whatever they like , but can’t say the same thing about the black pencil. This one isn’t a fit for them because it would make their eyes look too cold.

4.Unless you are in for a Gothic look, then you should set yourself some limits when you are using a black eyeliner. Too much dark around the eyes isn’t a really great effect.

5.  Spider lashes glued and loaded – note that lashes with volume doesn’t mean they must be loaded with half tube of mascara. Your genes have to look natural as well, so you should set some limits with this product, also. It is recommended to use a good mascara, because many of them will make you look cheap and ridiculous.

6. Don’t use too much concealer, it will only distort your image.

7. I know that there are lots of women who are frustrated because of their thin lips, but making them bigger will only make you look ridiculous. You shouldn’t use these kind of techniques when you are frustrated by something. Don’t just color your skin around the lips to make them look bigger. Just try to use some colors that can make some 3D effect which would just give the natural appearance of bigger lips.

8. The foundation mask – don’t choose too dark or too light mask to your skin or this effect might occur and it won’t be pleasant.

9. You don’t have to make concealer excess just because it isn’t covering entirely your dark circles. You actually might look more beautiful with dark circles than with excess concealer. The only solution for both problems is to buy some high quality concealer or just to sleep more.

10. Pay attention! Cheeks on fire! Why would you choose such colors for your cheeks? They have to look 100% natural and that cannot be made by using colors on fire!

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10 Worst Makeup Mistakes

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