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4 home remedies for swollen feet

We spend hours at the office, we walk with a pair of stilettos and  we are forced to endure the summer heat. In these circumstances, we wake up with swollen legs, painful, and  the physical discomfort is doubled by the aesthetics one! We offer you 10 remedies for swollen feet, which will help you get your good mood back! All are extremely lightweight and does not require a prolonged effort. The only risk is that you can become addicted!

1. Pamper your feet  with a therapeutic massage!
The salon massage is a pleasure, but it is not compulsory to take out money from your pocket to solve the problem of swollen legs.
Sit in a comfortable place,  turn up a pleasant music  and prepare to say goodbye to your swollen feet . Start from ankles to knees and gently press the area behind the knees, where the lymph accumulates deposits. Do not forget to rub the area around the kneecap,  gentle. Repeat 10 times for each leg and feel an incomparable  sense of release!

2. Diet, the main blame for your  swollen feet
If you rush to pointing the small office space, as the main culprit for your  swollen feet, you may be wrong. Studies have found that salt excess causes in much higher proportion the discomfort that seems you can’t escape.
The solution? Reduce salt intake! Give up fast food  and replace it with daily doses of spinach, bananas, avocados, parsley potatoes or sweet foods rich in potassium, which cancels the negative effects that sodium has  in the body!

3.Drink water!
Maybe you’re tired of hearing this advice, but is essential to eliminate the feeling of heavy swollen legs! Water reduces  salt excess from the body, which we discussed above! If  you don’t like simple water give it a bit of personality including a few slices of cucumber and lemon: the new tastes is delicious, and the anti inflammatory properties of these foods will  work wonders for your swollen  feet!

4. Try grapefruit essential oil!
Grapefruit essential oil has revitalizing properties that will be a real boon to your  swollen feet! Sprinkle a few drops in warm water and enjoy the pampering touch, or mix this product  with olive oil or almond and use the resulting combination in the massage that  I have spoken above!

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4 Home Remedies For Swollen Feet

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