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4 ways to unclog bathroom and kitchen drain

Bathroom or kitchen’s clogs are an issue that frequently happens if you don’t try to keep pipes clean and protect them. However, if you get in a situation where the drain is clogged,  you have to learn how to fix the problem. Here are some of the most common and effective ways to do that.

1. Special Solutions
On the market there are all kinds of gels and powders that are great in helping  to unclog drains. Pour it on the drain, let it act according to instructions, then pour hot water. Another option, effective enough is to let hot water running for a few minutes, then sprinkle over the drain  baking soda, and then a half of bottle of undiluted vinegar.
These two options are effective in case that the product which has clogged the pipe is not large or  very viscous. If the drain is clogged with clumps of hair, this version is totally inefficient and needs a more suitable option.

2. Special Brush
Latest leaks are fitted with a screw that allows you to take them out sand clean the dirt from the pipe.
With a brush (similar to those for cleaning bottles and baby bottles) you can clean the pipe and remove all the filth that caused the  clog. In this case confidently use a liquid detergent, chlorine or vinegar, for a thorough cleaning and odor removal, and grease deposits (especially in   kitchen).

3. Cleaning the pipes
If none of the previous methods have  worked, most likely the problem is on the pipe.  Ask a plumber to help open up the pipes and to clean them with a steel snake specifically designed for cleaning the pipes.
If the under sink pipes  are plastic, it is very likely that you can can clean them by yourself with little exercise , but if you’ve never done this,  it would be better to let a professional plumber to handle the problem.

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4 ways to unclog bathroom and kitchen drain

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