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5 amazing properties of cactus oil for your hair and skin

When a plant survives in the  extreme conditions of the desert, you surely know that has exceptional properties! Cactus is famous not only for its spines, but also because it faces transition temperatures from minus to plus and  its ability to hold  the small amount of  water that it receives. Cactus oil retains the “magical abilities” of the plant from which it is extracted and promises you a bright and firm skin and shiny hair! Here’s why you should try it!

Argan has long been considered a miracle in cosmetic industry, but cactus oil is close to  surpass it in popularity. Extracted from the seeds of cactus, this nature product contains 10 times more antioxidants than Argan! Here are other benefits of it!

1 Regenerates the skin and accelerates the healing. Cactus seed oil is excellent for skin repair because it contains linoleic acid, which enhances the production of new cells, and vitamin E, moisturizing, and flavonoids, which protect you from inflammation. It is an ideal trio to ensure your healthy skin!

2. Has anti aging properties. Cactus oils is also called “natural Botox”! It’s hard to emulate its  anti-aging capabilities! Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist in New York, praise cactus oil for its soothing and anti-irritant capabilities, especially for its ability to keep reserves intact collagen, fighting diseases that reduce. No sounds so tempting?

3. It absorbs quickly into the skin. One of the few drawbacks of oils is the fact that they are poorly absorbed and make your skin look shiny. Unlike olive oil and argan oil, cactus is easy and does not force you to carry in your purse a mattifying powder to prevent your skin to shine.

4. Supports healthy hair growth. Cactus oil is rich in fatty acids that play an important role in processes that can support hair growth. In other words, this miracle of nature allows the hair follicles to go through three stages of development  without drawbacks. Your hair will shine of health.

5. Intensively feeds, protects and repairs the hair. Superior water retention capacity that has cactus is excellent for moisturizing hair effect. Indeed cactus oils are among the most effective moisturizing agents! Apply it on the hair ends after you have washed your head and you’ll find that your hair becomes thicker and shinier.

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5 amazing properties of cactus oil for your hair and skin

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