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5 beauty mistakes that make you look older

Makeup is one of the easiest ways to highlights your face features, but it can quickly turn into a double-edged weapon: incorrectly used, it can exacerbate the  issues you want to camouflage and can add years to your face. And that you should avoid.
Read and find out how to fix the five most common make-up mistakes that can make you look older:

1. You use too much foundation
I’ve said it before and will repeat: the foundation’s role is just to balance skin tone without covering minor imperfections, dark circles and pigmentation spots. Too much foundation will not give the “dewy” effect that rejuvenates you, but an artificially look. In addition, a thick layer of foundation will gather in the wrinkles around the eyes and around the mouth, giving you a prematurely aged appearance. To correct the color differences,  if you want to light up the eyes, use a concealer or a color corrector,  your goal is to neutralize dark circles and skin discoloration.
2. Smile when you apply the blush
The advice has become a byword in the  beauty filed, but it is one of the most common makeup mistakes that makes you look  older! You will achieve the desired effect only if your face would be frozen in a permanent smile,  but the blush position lowers once you relax facial muscles. The result? Your face features lowers and your face seems lacking firmness and elasticity.
2. Contour your eyebrows
We know that a number of additional steps can mean a few extra minutes in your daily makeup routine, but the effect you get from shaping your eyebrows worth the effort.
To get the most natural effect, fill  the small gaps using an eyebrow shadow or a sharpened pencil that mimics hair appearance.
3. Use a black pencil only on conjunctiva
Hopefully, using black eyeliner on the lower lid conjunctiva remains a vestige of the past. Kohl is the secret of a seductive look but to use it to its full potential, apply it both on the conjunctiva and on the lower eyelid, creating a smokey effect among the lower lashes.

Whether you have 18, 28 or 38 years, these  make-up mistakes  you will instantly add 10 years on  your face. Try these tricks and tell us the result below.

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5 beauty mistakes that make you look older

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