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5 different treatments for stained, damaged and brittle nails

It is well known that the care of nails can give us a really harsh time sometimes. And that is because it requires time and effort, at least once a week. Every self-respected woman is taking good care of her nails and the plastic ones aren’t a good choice. Also, going to cosmetic for making your nails look good might cost you a fortune. So here are some treatments in order to make them more good looking. You can prepare the mixtures by yourself, at home because they are really simple. Also, the ingredients are cheap and you might find them right in your kitchen. If not, you shouldn’t stress over it because they can be bought from every corner of the street.

Treatment for stained nails
Stained nails aren’t necessary a sign of some kind of disease. But the common cause of the staining of nails are the fungal infections. Here are other causes that stain your nails: the syndrome of stained nails, medical condition caused by systemic diseases like lymphedema or respiratory diseases; the repeated wearing of dirty socks or too tight shoes; the excessive sweating, the inadequate corporal hygiene; the excess of polish; psoriasis; diabetes; the body’s zinc deficiency, or liver diseases.
To get rid of these problems, make a mixture from baking soda which is good as a scrub, for exfoliation and hydrogen peroxide. Use one teaspoon of each one. Dab this solution with a damp stick directly onto nails and leave it on for 10 minutes. You can gently massage your nails with olive oil or argan one, at the end.

Treatment for brittle nails
You ended up in the right place if you have brittle nails, exfoliated ones which are smashing too quickly. The causes of this problem are the internal, but also, external. The internal one are referring to the lack of some necessary quantities of vitamins in your body. The other ones, from exterior are referring to the inadequate care of the nails or some mistakes that you have made.
The first thing that you should worry about, is the fact that you have some lack of substances in your body, which, your organism needs. It is good for you to consume big quantities of food that contains iron (you can more easily find it in vegetables and red meat), zinc (this one is found in eggs and fish) and calcium which most lactates contain. The external causes can be removed by taking more care of you nails, it is recommended for you to let them breath at least one day per week.
The treatment for these kind of problems is the following one: put in a bowl one tablespoon of honey with two yolks and some little warm milk. Mi them until you will get a smooth mixture, then soak your hands for 15 minutes in this liquid. Repeat this treatment for a few days.

Treatment for damaged nails
Your nails can get really damaged because of the housework or even from the work from your job. This thing can be really harsh sometimes. Try one natural treatment which will help you with its efficiency, because, some damaged nails can have not such a good looking aspect. The most common cause for damaged nails can be the lack of calcium, and this lack of the necessary quantities of some substances from your organism, is not a healthy thing at all. So, you might consider to take some pills with calcium.
The treatment is the following one: mix a tablespoon of olive oil or argan with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Leave the nails to soak in a bowl for 10 minutes and then, repeat the treatment for a week.

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5 different treatments for stained, damaged and brittle nails

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