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5 foods that burn belly fat

To burn the fat layer from the abdomen, you should take at least four small meals a day and include three apples in your daily diet – for example, one for breakfast and the other two as juice – because apples help removing fat, naturally.

This part of the body, abdomen, is arguably the most exposed to fat assimilation. Here, the fat is stored almost without realizing it, ruining your waist shape. What can we do? Consider including the following foods in your diet. With just a little effort, you can burn belly fat layer quickly and efficiently.

APPLES. Why don’t you start your day with a delicious apple? Excellent. It’s a wonderful idea, doctors and nutritionists recommendation is to start your day well, especially if you complete your breakfast with  cereal and oatmeal. Apples help to burn fat due to the its rich content of vitamin C, flavonoids and beta-carotene. So do not forget: you have to eat two or three apples every day so that they can take effect on your waistline. Therefore we recommend to make apple juice at home, in addition to the breakfast. Apple beet juice would be a delicious dinner.
BANANAS. Bananas are between 75 and 130 calories and are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins.  They are isotonic drinks in a solid form – a very important source which you should resort at least once a day. If you choose such fruits in the diet, such as bananas, not only that you will reduce fat, but you will be healthier. Remember that bananas are good for a snack in the morning or early afternoon, because they give the feeling of satiety and provide necessary vitamins throughout the day.
CELERY. You shouldn’t be missing  celery from your diet because it contributes to weight loss naturally and combines well with other dishes. Additionally, it’s delicious anyway. Celery contains a lot of vitamin C and calcium, so it is a reliable aid to remove fat.
SEAFOOD.This option is a bit expensive to include it in your diet, but you should try it at least three times a week. It contains monounsaturated fats  that prevent fat accumulation and  are very good for health because they are rich in Omega 3. It offer many vitamins and minerals and you can combine them with anything you like.
AVOCADO. About avocado is believed, erroneously, that fattens. How  fake. Avocados contain oleic acid (omega 9), a fatty acid that eliminates or delays hunger. In addition, fibers contained in this fruit helps you to get a flat stomach. Avocado removes fat and gives you the feeling of satiety, which is one of the most appreciated qualities. An avocado a day is enough. It is perfect to use in salads or as a cream, it’s healthy aroma being so irresistible.

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