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3 mascara mistakes that you should avoid

You think you’re never wrong when you apply mascara?
Let’s see if until the end of the article you won’t change your mind. The good in all this “deal” is that once you know your mistakes, you can quickly correct them.
1. You apply old mascara on your eyelashes
Any expert will tell you that mascara should be changed every 3-4 months to avoid accumulation and bacterial growth that can cause simple irritation, burning and redness to the eye.

But you shouldn’t wait three months to change your mascara. After each use, mascara dries out more and more, and as it dries, becomes increasingly difficult to enforce. Here are the mistakes: in your attempt to cover your lashes with mascara you push the brush excessively. If 2-3 lashes fall do you the mascara? Probably not. In addition, a dry mascara won’t last too long on the eyelashes and tiny particles of it will r drop onto the skin under the eyes, which you have to admit, it is not sexy.

What it is good to remember from this mistake : do not use a dry mascara, even if doesn’t have a expired validity.

2. You apply to much coats of mascara

One thing is to have long eyelashes, sexy and bulky, and another thing is to “spider” eyelashes. First, to have great lashes, you need to know to choose the right brush and apply mascara as much as you need for extra volume, stretching or bending.

Experts say that it is a mistake to apply coats of mascara without a measure, hoping that you’ll get more volume. In fact, you’ll get stuck eyelashes, looking not sexy at all.

A cosmetics company has launched a revolutionary mascara that comes with a special tube and brush that caughts thousands of white nylon threads which lengthen your lashes and gives them volume. This product gives you volume and elongation, but if you overdo the product, you get exactly what you don’t like: glued eyelashes, full-looking . Bottom line: whatever you choose when it comes to mascara, apply a moderate cover if you want sexy eyelashes.

3. You apply waterproof mascara every day

Waterproof Mascara is an excellent solution for rainy or very hot days, if you go to an event or for more specific situations. Applying it every day affects your lashes, because you will try harder to cleanse it and you will “rub” them harder, even if the cleanser it’s specifically designed for waterproof mascara.

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3 mascara mistakes that you should avoid

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