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5 mistakes that you make when you apply nail polish

Manicure seems a very easy thing to do, but there are certain rules which, if are not respected, could compromise the pattern that you have struggled so long to realize it or your nail health. Here are the most common mistakes when it comes to manicure!

Do not skip over the protective top coat

First, you should know that any manicure involves applying a protective coat , then the nail polish and after that a top coat which protects the nail polish. The first protective layer that you apply directly on the nail is often colorless and protects it from yellowing and stains from different shades of nail polish you use. The last layer of top coat that you apply over nail polish increases manicure resistance.

From time to time, use some vitamins treatments on your nails
Just think … if you do your nails since adolescence means that they have been through many nail polish layers over the time and have been exposed to acetone or solvent.

Like any other part of our body,nails need care and hydration. You should use special treatments rich in vitamins, which can be applied to the nails from time to time, just as the other nail treatments e, beneath the nail polish. If you haven’t used such a nail treatment before, it is time to buy you one as soon as possible!

Do not apply more coats of nail polish unless needed

In general, a single layer of nail polish is enough. Combined with protective lacquer and the top coat, the coat of nail polish it can ensure a flawless manicure, long time, especially if you opt for a semi-permanent nail polish.
If nail polish shade is too light or if you are simply not satisfied with the look of a single layer, you can apply two coats of nail polish, but no more.

You shake the nail polish before applying it

This usually leads to the creation of those bubbles on the surface of the nail. They also form when put back the brush in the bottle, so avoid moving the brush into the container very much, especially by repeated up and down movements. Instead of shaking the bottle, you can run it a few times in your hands.
You use too hot water
Hot water is the biggest enemy of nail polish, leading to its removal. To extend the “life” of your manicure, reduce the temperature when you wash the dishes or use some thick gloves.

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5 mistakes that you make when you apply nail polish

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