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6 hairstyle mistakes that can make you look older

Aging is a normal process of life that cannot be avoided. You try to slow it down by using treatments and creams, but did you know that all your efforts may be in vain if you wear a wrong hairstyle? Here are some mistakes that can make you look a few years older and try to keep them in mind next time you visit the salon.
1. Your hair is too short
If your hair is healthy and thick you shouldn’t cut it short, especially not in a very conservative form. However, if you want short hair, choose a modern hairstyle that can be easy to arrange, without too many headaches.

2. Your hair is too long
An excessive length hair can elongate the figure and that’s exactly what you don’t want, as it can emphasize the wrinkles. The worst way to wear it: long hair, formless, middle parted. If you want to have longer hair opt for a bob up to your shoulders. An asymmetrical shape can attract attention to possible signs of aging.
3. You are afraid to lighten your hair color
Not giving up to that strong black can be one of the things that can make you look older. Very dark colors highlight the lack of hair because the scalp is white and at the same time can visually deep wrinkles. Try to lighten your hair with two to three tones, few highlights or entirely. Choose warm tones, for example, if you have naturally dark brown hair, choose a chocolate tone.
4. Do not try darker colors
A color as light as the skin tone will not emphasis your appearance. There must be a contrast to create the impression of a healthy skin and to do that, you can dye your hair in highlights using darker tones .
5. You don’t know what to do with gray hair
Gray hair shouldn’t make you look 10 years older – as long as you keep your color vibrant. Use products that protect hair from UV rays and render their glow. If you have more than 50% of gray hair, use a shampoo with blue or violet tones – this way you neutralize yellow hair.
6. You have opted for a major change
Whether it is a strong color or a shocking haircut this can ruin your appearance. Try to keep your a suitable age style, both in terms of dress, and hair. Search for celebrities that have an age close to yours and show hairstylist pictures of what you want. If you want to look younger you can opt for bangs, because usually it rejuvenates. Choose a full or a longer fringe, divided into two, so that fits your face. Ask for expert advice and choose the most suitable option for you.
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6 hairstyle mistakes that can make you look older

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