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6 lipstick mistakes that make you look older

Even if you don’t have problems with your lips, you can start to take better care of them right now. We advise you to avoid these mistakes in applying lipstick you could grow old prematurely.

Here are 6 lipstick mistakes that you should avoid:

1. You don’t moisturize and exfoliate your lips. Treat your lips as you treat your skin! Lips are a part of your body that needs more hydration. Drink plenty of water, use lip balm. Use an exfoliating mask to remove dry skin.
2. Skip the liner and use a dark color. The liner is often ignored, but it can be your best friend, if you use it properly. Under no circumstances choose a shade darker than the lipstick. They should have the same color. And so your lips will be more defined.

3. You don’t cleanse the lipstick. Those lipsticks who remain on the lips a longer period of time. It can dry your lips. So as soon as you get home, it’s good to cleanse and moisturize them.

4. Red color lipstick. Don’t choose a red lipstick in a matte version. Rather shaped shiny gloss to maintain your youthful appearance. A color too dark makes you look tired and older.

5. You apply mate lipstick. No matter what’s in fashion, choose what fits you better. Matt lipsticks and lip may draw attention after a certain age. You can try anyway, if you want, provided you apply them over a lip balm. So, wrinkles near the lip will be hidden!

6. You wear cool colors. Metallic colors or cold colors may seem outdated and worse! It can make you look outdated. You better try moisturizing lipsticks formula!

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6 lipstick mistakes that make you look older

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