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6 Mistakes to Avoid when you do your manicure

Your manicure doesn’t compare with the modest results you get at home? We gathered tips from beauty salons to give you solutions to problems you encounter when doing your manicure.

1. You neglect your issues
Rough and broken cuticles will do nothing but cause pain when you cling to something.

How can you solve it?

Massage your cuticles with a special oil after showering in the morning and before bedtime. Let the oil soak them for two minutes, then rub them well (oil is better than cream because it has stronger softening properties).

2. You cut cuticles
Cutting your cuticles, you will not do nothing but raise the risk of infection because they act as a barrier against bacteria.

How can you solve it?

While you are in the shower and they are soft, gently push the cuticles with a bamboo stick.

3. You don’t protect your nails
After repeated applications of the base coat directly on nails they may stain or yellowing.

How can you solve it?

First apply a base coat on clean and dry nails. Leave it to dry before applying the desired color.

4. You file your nails in the wrong direction
When the file moves  “back and forth”, insisting too much on the corners and the layers may separate and become vulnerable to exfoliation.

How can you solve it?

Use a fine file, and keep a low angle toward the nail. File starting from the corners toward the center several times and then polish with a very fine buffer.

5. You do a  vulnerable manicure
When you hit a hard surface of the nails, small pieces can detach from the lake, especially if your hands are exposed to water and moisture.

How can you solve it?

When you do your manicure apply the the nail polish on the visible  inner surface of the nail. It is a seal that can prevent chipping. Also protect your nails when you wash the dishes using plastic gloves.

6. You use a thicker nail polish
When you keep an open nail polish for too long, it changes its properties and thickens.

How can you solve it?

Well close the bottle of nail polish and don’t store it horizontally. If the lake has thickened, and still want to  keep the remaining color, add inside the bottle a few drops of nail polish remover. This works only once.

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6 Mistakes to Avoid when you do your manicure

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