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7 benefits of egg white for hair and skin

Since ancient times, when women know all herbal secrets, egg white was used in many beauty treatments. Unfortunately,  today just a few women know its incredible properties. Find out what benefits egg whites has for your beauty! And you must include it in your care ritual!

Egg white …

1. … removes facial hair
Instead of using wax to remove facial hair, use with confidence  a solution based on egg white. All you have to do is to apply egg white on the face with a brush, avoiding the eye  and mouth area, then put a paper towel (you can cut out the eyes and mouth) on the skin. Put a thin layer of egg white towel over to fix it. Once dried, quickly pull the towel off your face. You may notice the hair stuck to it. No need to try this method all over the face, only in necessary areas (mustache, jaw).

2 … Shrinks large pores
If you have oily skin or mixed certainly  large pores  represent one of the inconvenience that you face. Take advantage of the properties of egg white and prepared a herbal mask. Mix a little egg white with a few drops of fresh lemon juice, then apply the mixture on the problem areas. Leave the mask act  for 15 minutes, then remove it with water.

3. … has  lifting effect:
Do you want to enjoy a face lifting treatment but you do not have time or money to go to the salon? It is sufficient to apply a simple mask of  egg white. Since the first application you will feel that your skin is firmer and looks fresh.

4. … reduces excess sebum.
If you have oily skin and scalp, then necessarily you need to make friends with this natural ingredient. It will not only regulate excess sebum on the face, but also on the scalp. You can simply apply it on the face and scalp or you can prepare a mask by adding one tablespoon of honey and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Leave it to act for10 minutes in both cases.

5. … fighting acne.
Get rid of acne with this wonder ingredient! To get the best results, add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil and apply the mask on your face with clean fingers. The treatment will help to fight the bacteria that cause pimples, so gradually you will be able to permanently get rid of this skin condition.

6. … offers shine to your hair:
If your hair has lost its shine due to  styling products and dye? Get rid of this problem by applying a mask based on egg white. Let it act for 15 minutes, then wash your head as usual.

7. … reduce wrinkles.
Egg white has remarkable effects on both fine lines and deep wrinkles so it is worth to include in a natural treatment. Apply a simple mask twice a week on problem areas and your skin will regain its freshness.

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7 benefits of egg white for hair and skin

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