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7 Mistakes that lead to hair loss

You have noticed that for some time you have problems with hair loss. You thought it will stop, but it didn’t. And, very important, you used all sorts of products to stop the hair loss. You will have healthier hair if you start taking proper care of yourself and if you turn to professional help. Read more about the top 7 mistakes that lead to hair loss in the following article.

When you notice that you have problems with hair loss, do not expect to go away by itself
If you notice that your hair falls too much, it is best to talk to your doctor. It could be a medical reason behind this problem, as deficient thyroid , which has nothing to do with the way you care your hair.

Poor nutrition leads to hair loss
Your hair health is often the first indicator that you have a bad diet. You must include in your diet, organic meat, fruit and vegetables that you will strengthen both hair and health. Ask your doctor it is recommended to take vitamin supplements.

You spend too much time worrying about hair loss
If it is a genetic problem, you have to accept the situation. More stress will only aggravate the problem.

You wear a hat or a cap to hide hair loss
Hats, hats, caps and everything always comes into contact with hair just makes it lose more. Likewise, excessive use of hair dryer or towel. Braids, stressing hot treatments weaken the hair which lead to hair loss.
Excessive use of styling products
These products dry the hair and destroy some natural fats that keep your hair healthy. It is advisable to minimize their use. Or not to call them all until you rehabilitate hair. You must not always use hair gel or hairspray to arrange you hair.

Excess combing
Hairbrush or comb stress the hair. Use your hands and fingertips to style your hair growth naturally in the sense of your hair roots. If you pull it all the time and you do not like how it arranges, you better go to the hairdresser and change your hairstyle.

Daily hair wash
Too much shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer weaken the hair structure. Does not mean you have to skip baths. But even if you wet your hair often, don’t use shampoo daily.

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