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7 quick post waxing solutions to avoid irritations

No matter  the used method to get rid of the unwanted hair, it is impossible not to be experienced at least once skin irritation after waxing, shaving. Immediately after waxing the skin becomes sensitive and hair roots can bleed and take the appearance of red spots and a possible folliculitis may compromise the appearance of fine, sexy legs.
But if you know a few simple tricks you can say goodbye to those unpleasant burning and stinging sensations. Here’s what you should try:
Moisturize before shaving
If you use a razor, especially in the groin, an essential rule is to intensely hydrate it before. Apply a moisturizer a few hours before the hair removal procedure and uses a razor with a  lubricating strip that contains moisturizing substances, such as glycerin.

Tread water
In this way hair becomes softer and easier to cut, so to avoid irritation after shaving, it is necessary to moisten the area for at least seven minutes, according bustle.com. It is therefore preferable to shave at the end of your shower.

Use a new razor
An essential rule to avoid skin irritation is to change the razor after more than 3 uses. This way the blades will remain sharp blades won’t cause skin microlesions responsible for the burning sensation after shaving.

Moisturize after
For your skin to recover immediately after using the razor, hydration is absolutely mandatory. But you can not use any lotion or moisturizer because you can do more harm than good. It is preferable to opt for 100% natural oils, such as olive oil, argan, jojoba, cocoa butter etc. Creams from the market often contain fragrance, preservatives and other ingredients that irritate the skin, further if it is applied immediately after shaving.

If you’re waxing at the salon, you’ll take the shower when you get home. It is recommended to use a shower gel or antibacterial soap, then get dressed in a robe and avoid tight clothing.

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7 quick post waxing solutions to avoid irritations

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