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7 things you should never apply on your skin face

You love to prepare at home different face masks and use different cosmetic products on your face, but do you really know what you should and what you shouldn’t apply on your skin? Here are 7 things you should never use on your face:

1. Baking soda
Although in combination with other ingredients sodium bicarbonate is recommended for face masks and hair, it can be harmful if you don’t use it properly. Having an alkaline pH between 4.5 -5.5, it can strongly affect the skin and  therefore is always better to use the recommended amount.

2. Lemon
Since the blade has an acidic pH, you should avoid applying lemon juice directly on the skin as it greatly irritates the skin. In addition, it can also cause burns if you expose yourself to the sun after you’ve used it.

3. Alcohol
If you pay attention to the cosmetic ingredients you will notice that the majority contain alcohol. Unfortunately it can dry the skin, so you should be careful when you choose care products, especially for your face.

4. Mayonnaise
I’m sure you read about the different masks and remedies, and mayonnaise was one of the ingredients. If for the hair masks mayonnaise is a good ingredient, applied on your face it can block pores and cause more problems instead of helping.

5. Vinegar
This is one of the ingredients commonly used in various natural remedies, but applied directly to the skin can cause irritation and burns.

6. Hair spray or other hair products
Avoid applying hair products on your face. Hairspray, shampoo or hair dye irritate and dry the face or can even cause burns.

7. Perfume
Care products contain perfume  in  their composition which along with other chemicals affects the skin and can cause skin irritation or dryness. Try to avoid products that contains perfumes  and choose those that will not damage your skin.

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7 things you should never apply on your skin face

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