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7 ways to get rid of white hair

It is well known that once you get older, your hair begins to grow old too, and over time, it becomes thinner and discolored. For most people there are no white hairs before 30 years, but there are cases in which the hair suffers from premature aging. Thus, for various reasons, such as stress, unhealthy eating, improper care and other reasons, we can see girls or boys at age of 20-something who have white hair.

Get rid of stress. Stress is one of the main reasons that cause premature aging for hair and entire body. Try to relax more and get organized so you’ll have time for yourself, even if it is limited. Be positive, learn to say “no” and do, at least once a week, something that you really like, which makes you feel full and happy.

Quit smoking. It is scientifically proven that smoking leads to premature aging, so if you are a smoker, do not be surprised if you see white hairs from a very young age. We know it’s hard to give up vices, especially because they give us a calm feeling and helps us relax. Actually, the calming period lasts only until the cigarette is consumed, then the problems are still there and the stress reappears. If you quit smoking, you will notice that your life will improve considerably and on your scalp will be no trace of white hairs.

Hydrate yourself constantly. Reduces the quantities of caffeine and alcohol that you consume and focus on water, which provides the best hydration for the body. Also be careful at what you eat:  exclude from your diet greasy food, fried, spicy ones and those which doesn’t bring any special nutritional intake to  your body and cause fast dehydration.

More copper. Although it may seem strange the lack of copper in the diet may cause the appearance of white hairs. Therefore, it is better to ensure that your diet contains enough copper. Among the foods that contain this substance include spinach, beans, turnip leaves, pineapple, blackberries and more. You can also take multivitamin food supplement because they are rich and copper.

More iodine. Some foods that contain iodine include carrots and spinach. Many of us forget to include iodine in the diet, and this can lead to various diseases, including premature aging. Try to increase the amount of iodine you consume daily and thus will prevent hair gray hair.

Consume vitamin B 12. People who do not consume foods rich in vitamin B12 are more exposed to the phenomenon of premature aging of hair. Try to include in your diet banana, eggs, fish and cheese, because they have a high content of vitamin B12.

Don’t forget the proteins. A balanced diet rich in protein is vital for developing and maintaining the health of our body. Try to eat lean meats such as turkey or chicken, and have a diet rich in protein more than carbohydrate. For example, if today you are craving for toast and a boiled egg next to the toast, to balance the carbohydrates with proteins.

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7 ways to get rid of white hair

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