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8 makeup tricks for eyeglass wearing girls

Even if glasses have gained popularity in recent years it  can be really challenging when it comes to wearing the right makeup. Not every makeup is right for you when you have to wear this accessory. Here are a few tricks for an ideal makeup:

Do not use dark makeup
Keep smokey makeup for when you wear contact lenses. Too much makeup can darken your look. Instead try to wear light colors on the eyelids. For a contoured look, use a medium shade in the crease.

Do not use an eyeliner in the same shade as the one of your frame glasses
By doing this, you will manage the opposite effect of contouring the eyes. The look is lost instead of being highlighted. Try an eyeliner with one or two or three shades lighter than the color of your frame (this doesn’t apply for very light  pastel frames). If you have a black frame, try an  gray eyeliner, navy or brown, and if you have a brown frame uses shades of bronze or café latte.

Use curling eyelashes!
Make sure your eyes are wide open. Curl your lashes from the root  before applying mascara,  for a strong magnifying eye effect.

Take care of your whole face!
Indeed, the focus is on eye makeup when wearing glasses, but that does not mean that the rest of the face should receive less attention. Apply a foundation to balance your skin tone, hide your dark circles with a concealer and you will see that all this will form a good basis, that will accentuate your eyes.

Use a concealer in yellow undertones
The lenses will evidence your skin tone, so it really is not the time to wear a concealer in a  improper shade. So, when you pick up your concealer make sure to buy one in yellow undertones, which will definitely fight any dark circles.

Thin with thin, thick with thick.
If you have thin frames make sure you use  thin eye pencils and vice versa.  Do not mix them as this may create an unpleasant effect of highlighting or blending.

Do not forget the eyebrows!
Sometimes we focus so much on what is under the lens that we forget to look above them. Do not forget about brushing and eyebrow that fits your frames. Try to outline them with a special eyebrow pencil in a shade of brown.

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8 makeup tricks for eyeglass wearing girls

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