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8 summer stains. See how to remove them

Light-colored clothes are in great demand on summer – they are modern and do not attract hot sun rays. However, what do you do when you mistakenly wake up with stained clothes? And more importantly, what do you do when your favorite piece of clothing has a huge stain on it?

Whether you’re at a barbecue or out with your friends and suddenly you get the craving for a hot dog and then you accidentally  drop a little mustard stain  directly on your shirt. Now what’s left to do? To clean it faster and  thoroughly  wipe the stain with a dry towel, then with a moistened one. When you get home (preferably sooner) put the stain under cold running water and then pour on the stain a special solution. After 10 minutes, wash the clothe in hot water. The stain will disappear entirely.

It is delicious if it’s used in salads, but annoying on fabrics – salsa sauce removes easily if it is wiped with a paper towel, then take another one and rub as much as you can. Pour cold water on the fabric, then add a cap  of stain solution on the  clothes and rinse after 10 minutes with hot water.

On how good is butter, but the stains are so unpleasant. The solution to remove grease stains is to pour a little sugar on the affected area to absorb the fat , try to push the sugar into the fabric using a moistened tissue. After a few minutes remove the napkin, and when you get home use a  stain solution , then wash the garment in warm water.

Salad Dressing
If your clothes were stained with such a sauce, it is recommended to act as quickly  as possible- absorbs excess dressing with a tissue, then scratch the fabric using a clean spoon. You can also add a small amount of sugar over the stain and when you get home put the cloth under running cold water. Then apply a stain solution  and wash the cloth in hot water.

It happens when you bite from a juicy hamburger, to get stained by grease. They can be cleaned using a liquid dish washer detergent  and cold water. After a few minutes, soak the cloth in hot water.

Cold tea
Feel the need to freshen up in a healthy way, so you opted for iced tea, but the content of the cup gets on your shirt. The bad news is that iced tea stains, and the good news is that this stain removes easier  hot tea stains. Dab the stain with a paper towel and pour over home patch detergent and remove it with cold water.

Ice cream
Ice cream stains can be removed from the fabric if it is washed with a detergent containing enzymes. A program of 30 minutes at a temperature of about 40 ° C is sufficient to remove the stains.

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8 summer stains. See how to remove them

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