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8 tips to keep your bathroom clean

The bathroom is one of the most exquisite rooms of the house in terms of cleanliness and maintenance and this because it is perfect environment for bacterial growth. Therefore, bathroom cleaning is  very important. We present you some useful tips for bath maintenance.

1.  Maintain order. The main enemy of cleanliness is clutter because when a room is cluttered, it will be difficult to maintain cleanliness. Properly organize all objects in the bathroom so you can find them quickly when you need them.

2. Never store empty containers, expired products, cleaning cloths and other items that do nothing than to create clutter. When you start to clean the bathroom remove all these elements and you will notice that it will be  easier to keep order and cleanliness.
3. Always keep a handy  bottle of detergent with chlorine in your bathroom.  Every day  bath disinfection for a clean and healthy bathroom  as well as daily cleaning the surfaces (sink, the bathtub or shower,  toilet bowl, Brackets for toothpaste and toothbrushes ). Do not forget to clean the toilet and door handle at the entrance. This whole activity will only take no more than 10-15 minutes a day and you will know for sure that your bathroom is safe and free of bacteria and microbes.
4. Feel free to use as many natural products you want to clean and maintain the bathroom. These products include lemon, wine, soda and peroxide.
5. When you want to clean the bathroom make a small plan. Try to clean first the toilet, then the bathtub or shower, sink and surfaces, mirrors, tiles and the floors.
6. After each bath or shower  wipe the tiles with a dry cloth to avoid mildew. Also, replace towels used to dry some.
7.  For a correct maintenance of the bath, cleaning the pipes is an important step. Unclog drains with special solutions if necessary or with natural solutions (baking soda with lemon juice or vinegar). Also call a plumber every year or twice a year to check installations.
8.  Limescale is an important enemy of the bathroom so take good care of your bathroom because it can give you real headaches. Remove the limescale from flooring, faucets and shower heads.

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8 tips to keep your bathroom clean

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