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Amazing effects of baking soda

Baking soda is an ingredient that has several benefits for your skin. Among its various usages, another popular use of baking soda is as a face and forehead acne treatment.

If suffering from acne, baking soda is a quick and efficient solution. You have to dissolve it into warm water and mix until it becomes a paste. Apply the paste obtained on the problematic areas and leave it on for approximately 10 minutes.

Other cosmetic uses of baking soda:

Face Scrub
Baking soda is also a great exfoliant and can be used as a face scrub. Dissolve sodium bicarbonate into warm water, mix it in your palm and thoroughly apply it on your face in order to clean it and remove dead cells.

Nails scrub
Do you wish for better looking nails? Try using baking soda as a nails scrub. Apply it on a toothbrush and rub your nails with it with next time. Your manicure will look better and you nails will be healthier.

Dry shampoo
Whether you are out of dry shampoo, or you are on the run and don’t have time to wash your hair, sodium bicarbonate is extremely helpful. All you have to do is carefully sprinkle it on your hair and fix your hair. That’s it. You are ready to go!

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Amazing effects of baking soda

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