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Amazing oil to remove blackheads and skin stains

Cleopatra was a fan of milk baths, but she also used castor oil to keep her skin in perfect condition. This oil is mostly used for hair, but it also has the power to clear your skin, as it’s well tolerated by all types of skin.

Pigmented areas

If your skin features pigmented spots and other marks massage the area daily with castor oil for 15 minutes. Repeat this treatment daily, until you restore your normal skin color.

Warts can be cured with castor oil

Warts can also be cured with castor oil: rub the oil on the wart twice a day, for 15 minutes, until the wart is completely gone.

Oil compresses

You can also treat hardened skin with castor oil: soak cotton fabric in the oil and then apply it on the elbows for one hour or more. Repeat every evening until your elbow skin is smooth again.

Castor oil against blackheads

If you mix castor oil with jojoba oil you can treat your blackheads. The ratio of the two ingredients depend on your skin type: for normal skin use ¼ castor oil and ¾ jojoba oil; for oily skin use 1/3 castor oil and 2/3 jojoba oil. Clean your face with this mixture to remove blackheads.

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Amazing oil to remove blackheads and skin stains

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