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Arched eyebrows using shadowing technique

The newest makeup trick to amplify the eyebrows is the #shadowing technique,  that can even change your physiognomy. Below you will learn how to get the perfect eyebrows without looking … painted!

PREPARATION pluck the extra hair and then brush your eyebrows down.
And then follow the steps bellow:

1. Use an eyebrow pencil (choose a lighter shade than your eyebrows color), to outline their top line slightly, starting from the middle of it (arch) to the outer ends defining natural contour along the roots.

2. Now brush your eyebrows up (so will  freshly mask the drawn line) and contour the bottom line. The inner ends should not be shaped – looks more natural this way.

3. Using an angled brush spread eyebrow powder  (the same color as them) all over them. This shading effect will discreetly  fill any gaps.

4. Brush  the eyebrows again with  bottom up movements  to remove excess powder. Repeat the movement with a clear brow gel.

TIP: Did you pluck too much? If you did it repeatedly, it’s very likely that you  affected their shape on long term. But if you use the eternal trick with castor oil –  carefully applied , precisely on the desired contour – roots can be stimulated to generate new hair follicles.
The second method is the use of cosmetic Vaseline, which is a petroleum based product. This may sound strange, but this substance is believed to work wonders in terms of cell regeneration, so if you use it twice a day, morning and afternoon, you’ll be able to get the desired eyebrows. As night treatment use the treatment based on castor oil.
Once the hairs  have started to grow again, you should seek the services of a beauty salon to get a professional eyebrow shaping. In this way, your eyebrows will get a nice and uniform shape. Good luck!

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Arched eyebrows using shadowing technique

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