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Armpits Shaving Mistakes

Most women still make common mistakes when taking care of their body, for instance when it comes to shaving sensitive areas such as armpits. Below, there are the most common mistakes that women do and also the ways of avoid these mistakes.

Some women cannot use electric hair removal or waxing methods for sensitive areas as the armpits. An alternative would be the most practical, the most inexpensive and also the most popular method of them all – shaving.

If you’re one of these sensitive women, most likely you already know that those cuts while shaving and the small irritations after shaving are really unpleasant. As a solution, we brought this subject into discussion in order to find out and analyze these small mistakes that most of us make in order to avoid them in the future.

Avoid using soap while shaving
The armpits skin is highly sensitive and you should pay extra attention to it I order to avoid accident or irritating the skin. The first major rule is to avoid using soap while shaving or shave dry skin. One of the most effective methods of removing the unwanted body hair is using the razor with a special gel or shaving foam to make the shaving smoother and delicate.

Use a disposable razor
Another crucial aspect in the process of shaving is, of course, shaving. The best option to opt for would be in this case using disposable razors. However, there are women who use the same device several times.

Do not dwell too much
Once the first two rules of hair removal have been correctly applied, you should take care that during the shaving process the blade do not pass over the same area several times. Besides, the blade must always go in the opposite direction of hair growth. Two repetitions are enough, do not pass over the same area.

Avoid using antiperspirant right after shaving
It is not recommended to use antiperspirant immediately after shaving! It is better to wait until the skin calms down, even for 20 up to 30 minutes, depending on skin type, and only after the skin is back to normal you can use antiperspirant products. It is recommended to shave the armpits on evening and wait until the next morning before applying any antiperspirant products.

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Armpits Shaving Mistakes

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