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Test your liver’s health

Did you know that the liver performs over 500 functions? That makes it one of the most important organs of our bodies. And this means that we don’t have to neglect it, but offering special care. You want to find out whether you have a healthy liver or if it needs detoxification? Here’s a short and simple test you have ...

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Body scrub for thighs stretch marks

Stretch marks may appear in different parts of the body, they are especially common on the hips, thighs, arms, stomach and breasts. Stretch marks are formed when the skin has suffered damages characteristic by rapid growth. They are actually tissue scars. Stretch marks on the thighs can be reduced. Ingredients: – cocoa butter – water – body scrub

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Remove the Unwanted Facial Hair with Sugar Paste

Due to hormonal disorders many women might experience unwanted hair growth in some parts of the body. However, the worst scenario is the presence of facial hair at women. Have you heard of the exotic facial hair removal technique based on sugar? It is a highly effective method to remove the unwanted hair on the face. It can also be ...

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Coconut oil hair treatment

Used for several years in India and also in other parts of Asia, coconut oil is as a hair treatment. It can be used both as a hair treatment and / or as a conditioner. Widely recognized for its benefits against dry and damaged hair, coconut oil is also an excellent treatment against dandruff. It is extremely easy to make ...

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