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Benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

It is a popular practice in Japan to drink water as the first thing when you awake. The Japanese believe that this habit has many benefits on the digestive and circulatory system, and American researchers and studies have confirmed this.Whether you have a migraine or a toothache, digestive problems or blood pressure, a glass of water on an empty stomach, can work wonders.

It is beneficial for arthritis, epilepsy, obesity, TB, meningitis, kidney problems, digestive disorders, diabetes and ocular diseases. Moreover, water consumed on an empty stomach has extraordinary influence on adjusting the heart rate, treating cancer, respiratory disease or otitis.

The treatment is simple. As soon as you woke up, before brushing your teeth or taking a morning bath, drink three glasses of water. Then you can start your morning routine, but wait 45 minutes before consuming ordinary tea and breakfast.
If you cannot drink three glasses of water, do not force yourself. You can divide the amount consumed until you reach the number. If you have blood pressure problems, the treatment is 30 days. You’ll notice the first improvement after the first week, but you need to keep your routine so that your metabolism reverts to normal. To treat gastritis ten days shall be sufficient for stomach pains not to bother. For the treatment of diabetes, it takes 30 days until the blood flow to be improved.

For cancer, arthritis or tuberculosis, experts recommend 90 days of treatment. This simple treatment has no side effects and does not interact in any way with the diet or medications you take. The water should be neither hot nor cold. If, however, temperatures outside forces you to consume cold water, you should know that it will complicate digestion. It is recommended to drink water in the morning on room temperature, and the after every meal to consume warm for a good digestion.

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Benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

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