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Bloating removal in 60 seconds

Since bloating is a common problem for most of us, we need to have access to quick remedies. Did you know that you can get rid of bloating in 60 seconds? Only 60 seconds in order to get a flat belly and get rid of discomfort?Are you still wondering if that’s possible?
Well, it is a miracle remedy based on a miracle ingredient. Water is actually the miracle ingredient that helps you remove bloating in just 60 seconds.
Cynthia Sass discovered this miraculous recipe that makes your flat abs in no time. This recipe drink has been given the name of Sassy water, after her name, and it is known for its multiple benefits: it strengthens the immune system, helps digestion process and most important of them all ladies, it has zero calories making Sassy water a key element in the diet for making your abs flat.

Indeed, it does sound like a miracle. Normally, when drinking about two liters of water per day, there might be the case of water retention. For this purpose, Sassy water contains an ingredient that is a natural diuretic.
How to prepare Sassy water?
– two liters of water;
– one teaspoon of freshly grated ginger;
– one cucumber;
– one lemon;
– 12 mint leaves
It is quite simple to prepare the Sassy water recipe. You have to grate the ginger, unpeel the cucumber and cut it into small pieces, slice a lemon (Note: do not peel the lemon!), take 12 mint leaves and add all these ingredients in a glass container. Add water and mix them all together letting the drink overnight in the refrigerator. You can consume the drink prepared the next day and prepare another one in the evening to have it ready for next morning.
Its natural ingredients are well known for their powerful effects: lemons and lemon water are recommended for weight loss as lemon is a natural diuretic, cucumber cleanses the kidneys, peppermint soothes the stomach and ginger soothes the digestive tract.
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Bloating removal in 60 seconds

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