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Blood Cleansing with a Russian Recipe

Health experts recommend this recipe for cleaning the blood and circulatory problems. It is very easy to do and you only need sunflower seeds and water. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins B1 and E. Besides that helps your circulatory system, has a lot of benefices for the whole body – hair, eyes, liver, bone and muscle, you lower cholesterol and prevent cancer. Due to the antioxidant, the use of seeds helps to reduce inflammation.

Method of preparation

For this recipe, you need a small cup of sunflower seeds and ½ liter of water. Pour boiling water over the seeds and leave them standing for two hours, covered in jar. Drink the liquid obtained every morning on an empty stomach.

Why you should detox your blood?

Blood detoxification help you to get rid of harmful substances, fungi, bacteria and viruses . A proper functioning of liver and kidneys keeps your blood clean, but sometimes you have to resort to cures detoxification. Besides sunflower seeds you can get rid of toxins with coriander, Burdock root, ginger or goji berries which are equally effective for that.

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Blood Cleansing with a Russian Recipe

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