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How to get rid of scars naturally

The scars are very common, but we tend to be ashamed of them and we try to hide them. Here’s how to get rid of them naturally. Scars are a normal part of the healing process of the body. They come from cuts, burns, bites, etc., and most of the population has even a scar. Unfortunately, they are not too ...

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Heal acne with egg white facial mask

Have you ever wondered how women  managed to keep their beauty and youthfulness once, when there weren’t so many innovative cosmetics? The answer is simple: they used what they had: different foods and plants. Although the cosmetics industry knows significant progress from year to year, we see a growing trend to return to simple, natural methods of care that have ...

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Remove leg marks and scars without laser treatment

The scars are unsightly marks that remain on the skin after some deep trauma, cuts, burns, skin infections or surgery. They may heal in a long time and can be unpleasant if they are in a visible area. In fact, if are left untreated, it may never recover fully. But with these natural remedies and with a little patience you ...

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Quick remedies for gastritis crisis

Causes of gastritis are multiple, the most common being: medications (especially anti-inflammatory), alcohol and food aggressive digestive tract, the presence of bacteria (Helicobacter pylori) in stomach, lack of sleep, exaggerated consumption of black tea, coffee, spices and sauces. You must remember that gastritis progresses to ulcer, if is left untreated.

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Get rid of cellulite with cinnamon

Unsightly cellulite it’s an issues that major women encounter during life. Cellulite is caused by a hormonal problem that can affect both overweight women and normal weight women. If you want to prevent cellulite you should adopt a high nutrient diet, exercise and hydrate your body with minimum 2 liters of water per day.

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5 signs you suffer from vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid as it is called, is one of the most popular vitamins, which has a particularly important role in defending the body from free radicals and oxidative stress, the main cause of physiological aging. An important function that has vitamin C is to help increase the production of collagen, a protein essential to the human body ...

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