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Skin detox to get rid of skin imperfections

Lifestyle plays a very important role in terms of appearance and body’s beauty is reflected in your skin health,  hair, and the way you take care of yourself. Because of harmful substances which inevitably get into contact with every day stress and inadequate nutrition, your body is forced to fight with aesthetic conditions. These imperfections are felt through the skin ...

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Natural Deodorant Based On Baking Soda

A combination of sweat and bacteria can cause underarm odor. Underarm odor develops when bacteria feed off the sweat produced by the glands in charge with sweat. Deodorant odor is meant to prevent moisture and it masks it with a pleasant fragrance. Lots of commercial deodorants may cause skin irritation. Are you looking for a deodorant that really works? And ...

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Armpits Shaving Mistakes

Most women still make common mistakes when taking care of their body, for instance when it comes to shaving sensitive areas such as armpits. Below, there are the most common mistakes that women do and also the ways of avoid these mistakes. Some women cannot use electric hair removal or waxing methods for sensitive areas as the armpits. An alternative ...

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Top 3 remedies to treat Dry And Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a common problem. For many people this is a purely cosmetic problem, but by neglecting them can lead to more serious issues. By deepening the cracks begin to bleed and the skin discomfort turns into pain. But what is causing the cracked heels? Factors are multiple from a long standing up period, obesity, to inactive sweat glands, ...

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Remove hair dye stains from your face and hands

Dyeing your hair at home has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are that you are saving money and time and one disadvantage is represented by the stains from the hair dye that can remain on your forehead, ears or hands. Of course is better to prevent this from happening. What you can do is to apply a fat cream on ...

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