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How to clean the iron: 6 fast and efficient methods

The iron can give you headaches if you do not know to clean  after each use. Certainly each of us has confronted, at least once, to stain the fresh washed clothes with the iron. Instead of buying a new one, here are some tips that will help you to remove the dirt from it and avoid staining your clothes.

Clean the iron with a damp cloth
Never use scouring pads or abrasive solutions on the iron, otherwise you can damage the first layer of it. When you’re in a rush, simply soak a soft, clean cloth in water, then apply it on the bottom (after you have removed the iron from the socket, of course) as it’s still warm and gently wipe it. Eventually, if you encounter dirt stains difficult to remove, soak the cloth in water mixed with detergent.
Dry wipes
Equally useful in cleaning the iron can prove to be the dry wipes  either nasal or the kitchen ones.  With just a few moves you manage to clean iron without too many headaches.

Mix equal parts of vinegar with water, then pour the solution obtained in the iron tank, but do not fill it. Plug the iron and set it to a small or medium temperature. Leave the solution to take effect for 5-10 minutes, then remove it.

Clean the iron with toothpaste
If you don’t know how to clean the iron and you have no solution at hand, you can use even the toothpaste from your bathroom, just don’t use a gel based product. Apply the toothpaste on  a clean cloth, then wipe the iron, focusing on the areas difficult to clean.

How to clean the iron with sodium bicarbonate
Are you dealing with stubborn dirt stains? Baking soda is the right solution. Mix two teaspoons with water until it forms a creamy paste, then apply on the iron with a soft towel. To get a more powerful solution you can mix with vinegar too.

How to clean the iron with salt

Salt may be a real help when you do not know how to clean the iron. Do not use coarse salt, only fine salts. After you have  sprinkled salt on a soft cloth, carefully wipe the iron preferably as it is warm, for best results. If you see portions of burnt fabric on it, you can apply salt on a small piece of aluminum foil, and iron for 1 minute.

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How to clean the iron: 6 fast and efficient methods

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