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How to clean a leather sofa

Leather sofas are a sign of good taste and sophistication in any home. They are soft and comfortable, but their maintenance is no so easy. Leather couch attract dust and dirt, but if you clean it frequently, without expecting dust, this piece of furniture will look great, longer.

Here’s how to clean the couch correctly:
Wipe the couch
Unfortunately, besides  the dust and various stains, it is likely to exist on the couch traces of perspiration that are not visible to the human eye. You need a soft cotton cloth, slightly dampened with cold water. Wipe the entire  leather surface of sofa,  and rinse the cloth occasionally.

Use a special detergent
On the market there are all sorts of products specifically designed to care  leather furniture. They remove dirt in depth and leave the sofa perfectly cleaned. These products can be found in the form of spray or  concentrate liquid  which is used in mixture with water. Since the first touch, the look of your sofa will be completely changed.
You may have a tendency in the absence of a particular product to use a different cleaning product, but you should know that you’re taking a pretty big risk. Products designed not  directly for the care of leather sofas may contain agents that harm the material, making it rough.

Choose a leather softener
Besides cleaning  provides extra freshness, cleanliness and shine to your sofa.. This softener can be found, as in the case of any cleaning products, in furniture stores and even supermarkets. Apply it directly.

How to remove stains on the couch
If you have children, it is very possible that in your house to be various spots, even on the leather couch. Whatever their nature you have to wipe them as quick as possible. Start by cleaning with a cloth soaked in cold water and then apply directly to the stain, a little amount baking soda.
Also, food stains can be removed with a solution consisting of one part of white vinegar and one part linseed oil. Thoroughly mix the ingredients, apply them on a cotton cloth and wipe in a circular motion, the stained area.
Also, dark stains, can be removed if they are removed with lemon juice mixed with baking soda. Apply the made paste directly to the stained area, expect 10 minutes, then remove with a damp cloth.

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How to clean a leather sofa

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