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How to clean silver cutlery

Silver cutlery lose their shine and get and used aspect as the time passes. Stains and the fade aspect of cutlery are two elements that can be removed in just 3 steps. Discover which are those:

1. Wipe the cutlery with a piece of cotton

Take every eating utensil and wipe it with a cloth or thick cotton fiber. Insist all over the piece, most in the stained areas. Each piece must be wiped for about 3 minutes, so book yourself a leisurely hour to clean all the pieces.

2. Boil the cutlery
Take a large pot, place all the cutlery in it, pour two tablespoons of liquid detergent and then add water until it cover completely all the silver pieces.
Put the pot on the stove, on fire (small to medium) and let the water boil for 1 minute, then let cutlery sit in water for 10 minutes. After that, remove the cutlery from the water and then soak them in clean water. Then place them on a towel, wipe each of them and prepare them for the next step.

3. Soak them over an aluminum foil
In case that the first two steps have not given the desired results or simply want to do a complete cleaning of cutlery, so they look like new ones, you can follow the last step.
Get a large pot, on the bottom of it place an aluminum foil (eventually folded in half) pour a little water, add two tablespoons of baking soda, a teaspoon of fine salt and soak the cutlery in this solution. Leave them in the mixture on 10 minutes. You’ll see how any dirt, stains, etc. , will be removed from cutlery’s surface.
Remove the cutlery from the solution, rinse them thoroughly under running hot water, wipe them with a cotton cloth and store them in place.

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How To Clean Silver Cutlery

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