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How to clean silver jewelry at home

Do you wear silver jewelry but you do not know how to clean them when they start to lose their brilliance? Learn quickly from the experts how to clean the silver. We all have in our jewelry box  a silver accessory, whether earrings, a ring, a necklace or a bracelet. Or maybe even a coin, a souvenir, some cutlery or a plate of this metal. The problem occurs when these things begin to get a black or yellow color and do not resemble at all  with what they were when you bought them.

Silver gets a yellow brown or black color  due to chemical reactions that occur between the metal and the pH of our skin, or after the passing of time and not wearing them. This natural process is called silver oxidation. Specialists show you how to clean silver by methods easy to apply, cheap and sometimes even using no chemicals or toxic substances.

How to clean silver with natural remedies

You do not have to buy all kinds of silver jewelry cleaning solution or go to a jewelry store every time. You can call without any problems on natural products that you have on hand in your home, such as sodium bicarbonate,  garlic peel, potatoes, vinegar, citrus or ammonia.
How to clean silver with lemon / vinegar: you just need a bowl with lemon juice to sink in the jewelry. Take them off after half an hour, rinse them with warm water and wipe them with a cotton towel or with a microfibre cloth.

How to clean silver with ammonia: you need an ammonia solution pf concentration  10%. Soak silver in the solution and remove it after 10 minutes, wash it well with clean water, dry it and rub it with a soft towel.

How to clean silver with potato broth: boil a few potatoes (peeled) in water and after it has cooled, soak the silver objects for 5 minutes. Then wipe it with a soft towel so that no broth potatoes traces will remain.
How to clean silver with sodium bicarbonate: if you have silver jewelry with exquisite stones or weathered, the best would be to clean them with a damp cloth dipped in baking soda with which to rub them until they regain the original color. The granules of sodium bicarbonate are abrasive and remove oxidation layer as the friction takes place, gradually brightening up the silver color.

How to clean silver with garlic peel: Put  garlic peel in a bowl of water on the fire and sink the jewelry. Let them boil together until you notice that the silver regain its color.

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