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Cleanse your colon at home. Same effect as the enema

A very important role in the proper functioning of the entire human body rests in intestines. They actively participate in the process of digestion, absorbing useful substances from food, substances that the human body needs to function normally. In other words, they are responsible for the proper functioning of the body. To avoid many diseases the intestines need to be cleaned regularly.

In 75 years of life approximately 100 tons of food and 40,000 liters of water pass through the intestines. Therefore they accumulate a large amount of toxins.

Here’s how to clean the intestines

There are many ways to clean the intestines, but not all are good. For example, washing the colon using hydrotherapy method is a procedure quite costly, time-consuming and disrupts the intestinal microflora.

Some doctors and nutritionists recommend eating flaxseed. It cleanses the intestines in about three weeks. It also regulates your weight and burn fat deposits very effective. Eliminates toxins and helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. It can be used as a by-product to treat gastrointestinal disorders, biliary tract disease and many other diseases.

Scientists have shown that the flaxseed flour can even improve vision and brain activity.


On the first week take a spoonful of flour a day before meals with 100 ml of yogurt. In the second week double the quantity. In the third week  consume 3 teaspoons of flaxseeds mixed with 150 ml of yoghurt. Yogurt can be replaced with fat-free sour cream or kefir.
The flax seed flour can be found for sale or can be prepared at home. You just have to buy seeds from the pharmacy and put them in a coffee grinder.

This mixture should replace breakfast.

In just three weeks you’ll notice improved health and weight loss. It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids during this body cleanse procedure.

As you can see, flaxseeds are also very helpful and very good and you should have them in your daily diet by adding them to salads, sauces, cakes etc.

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Cleanse your colon at home. Same effect as the enema

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