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Coconut oil hair treatment

Used for several years in India and also in other parts of Asia, coconut oil is as a hair treatment. It can be used both as a hair treatment and / or as a conditioner. Widely recognized for its benefits against dry and damaged hair, coconut oil is also an excellent treatment against dandruff.

It is extremely easy to make a good quality coconut oil hair treatment.

Method of preparation:

It is recommended to use virgin coconut oil, freshly made from coconut core, instead of refined coconut oil because the latter doesn’t preserve its nutrients.

After brushing your hair, put coconut butter oil in a glass and put the cup in a pot of hot water in order to melt it slowly. Although in tropical climates coconut oil is liquid, it solidifies below 25 degrees Celsius temperature.
Additionally, you can add essential oils, like rosemary for instance, tea tree or cedar oil (a few drops suggested) for obtaining a treatment against dandruff or for stimulating hair growth. You should try mixing it with a few drops of lavender oil to feed dry hair.
Pour some hot coconut oil in your palms and massage the scalp for a few minutes. Apply the remaining coconut oil on hair length.

This treatment should be left to act overnight for dry hair. If you have normal or oily hair, leave the treatment action only for a couple of hours. However, when using overnight treatment you should cover the pillow with a towel in order to avoid staining it.
Wash your hair afterwards using a gentle shampoo. There is no need to use conditioner.

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Coconut oil hair treatment

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