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Cure nail fungus with sea salt

When your fingernails are affected by nail fungus they turn yellow and brittle. Apart from looking unappealing and embarrassing the patient, this condition can be painful. The medical treatment is lengthy and expensive, as well as painful from time to time.

But there is another way to remove nail fungus: sea salt. The next recipe is designed for toe nails, ut it works of fingernails as well.


  • sea salt
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • vinegar
  • hot water

Preparation and application:

Start by cutting as much as possible from the affected nail to make the treatment more effective. Fill a container with hot water, making sure it cover your nails when you dip your fingers or toes in it. The hotter the water, the better. You can tilt the container by pacing it on a towel, so most of the water is directed on your nails.

Add one cup of hydrogen peroxide in the water and moist your nails in it. After some time take your nails out of the water and pour sea salt on them. Add 1 ½ cups of sea salt to the water as well. Let it sit for 3 minutes before returning your nails in the hot water bowl. Let your nails soak again in water for 30 minutes.

Get your nails out of the bowl and dry pat them. Massage the to get the blood flowing in the area.

Apply couple of drops of vinegar on the infected nails and leave your feet or hands, depending where you have the fungus, out to the air. Don’t wear gloves or socks, shoes.

Repeat the 30 minute soak routine daily or several times a day until one week after the fungus is gone.

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Cure nail fungus with sea salt

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