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Detoxify your blood with this recipe

A clean and healthy circulatory system is essential for health maintaining, because without a good blood circulation, the body can’t effectively function within any system. Healthy circulation is essential for health and can properly heal every part of the body, without exception. Nutrition specialist recommend a detoxify recipe based on two ingredients sunflower seeds and water.

Sunflower seeds are a good source of protein and energizes the whole body. Besides helping the blood circulation, it maintains the key activity of the body such as liver and adrenal glands.

All you need to detoxify your blood is a small cup of sunflower seeds and ½ liter of water. Put the seeds in a container and add the hot water. Cover the container and leave it standing for a couple of hours. This beverage should be consumed every morning on a empty stomach.

Remember that cleansing your blood, it means toxins elimination and a better transport of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, thus the internal organs function at an optimal level.

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Detoxify your blood with this recipe

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