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DIY Cream for wrinkles around the mouth

As time passes, the skin on the entire body begins to lose its elasticity, especially on the face. The wrinkles that appear around the mouth are a problem for many women, especially because they arise from different facial expressions over and over again throughout life.

No need to smile less if you want to prevent these wrinkles. Try using a simple cream, which is simply prepared, made of 100% natural ingredients. If you use the product regularly, the effects will not delay to appear.

Here’s what ingredients you need:
– 20 g of beeswax
– 10 g of cocoa butter
– 20 g of honey
– 50 g of almond oil.

Preparation method:
Mix all the ingredients in “bain-marie” until the wax melts well, then store it in little containers. Apply the cream on the lips and around the mouth, every night before bed.

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DIY Cream for wrinkles around the mouth

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