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Dry your nail polish instantly

Home manicure can be a real pain, especially if you have two left hands. Besides that you fail to apply nail polish you realize that you have dirt your fingers also and the drying process is also not easier.
Most often, those few minutes you  have to wait for your nails to dry seem an eternity and exactly then you  must do something. At the end of the action you will notice with amazement that the nail polish looks awful and you have to repeat the process. Another torment, another fun!

If  here we show you how to obtain a perfect manicure at home, without to dirt your fingers, still we’ll show you what to do for the nail  polish to dry instantly. The trick that allow us to dry the nails instantly is available for everyone. For your manicure to dry instant you still need a few special items. It’s about the cooking spray, which can be found in some supermarkets, but also on the Internet.

What you have to do:

Immediately after you have applied nail polish, spray the cooking oil. You’ll notice that it will form a thin film which prevents impurities  to get in touch with your manicure.
If you can not find the product in commerce, you should know that you can create your own spray at home. You need a spray container, cooking oil or olive, argan, coconut oil etc., in combination with water. Put the mixture in the bottle and apply the content as many times as necessary over your nails, when your manicure is done, of course.

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Dry your nail polish instantly

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