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Effective Hair Loss Remedy

Several factors might contribute to hair loss, such as: age, hereditary or hormonal disorders, having a constant certain stress or more aggressive factors like smoking, frequently drying the hair using a hair dryer, straightening on a regular basis or using too often other styling products. All these can weaken the hair roots and leading to hair loss.

Remedies for hair loss are not unknown, but do they really work on the long term? It is better to prevent hair loss by paying attention to avoid stress or emotional problems, rarely using styling products that damage your hair or stop using them at all and try to solve the problem once for all from the inside put.
Natural solutions are always the best way to solve most kinds of these problems and in this particular case it is called: rosemary. This treatment consists in adding two or three drops of rosemary oil in your regular shampoo. Another option is to boil a liter of water with two handful of fresh rosemary (you can use more if you want to obtain a more concentrated solution). Heat the container and let it stand for about five hours. After five hours, pour the solution resulted into a jar and keep it in the refrigerator. Or you can massage the scalp using a mixture of two or three drops of rosemary oil mixed with two tablespoons of jojoba oil. Massage your scalp for about three minutes before applying shampoo. After massaging, wash your hair shampooing it.

Rosemary is known for its properties to improve scalp blood circulation which leads to stimulating hair growth and regeneration, maintaining the natural vivid color of hair and also strengthening hair roots, automatically preventing hair loss. Jojoba oil helps nourishing, strengthening and relieving scalp itching sensation.

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Effective Hair Loss Remedy

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