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Eight Natural Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Smokers or not, we all face the need for teeth whitening at a time. Even if we perform a brushing at least twice a day and use other products throughout the day – chewing gum, dental floss and mouthwash – our teeth lose their luster and needs careful care. To prevent or treat natural is necessary to understand the cause, so here are some of the most common reasons for teeth yellowing: lack rigorous hygiene, smoking, inadequate nutrition, lack of nutrients and calcium or natural food colors.

To this, add some medicines part of antibiotics family. So before you use the following remedies you should keep in mind the above factors.

Lemon. Once a week cut a thick slice of lemon and rub the brush to it. Then wash your teeth. Repeat for at least five minutes. Pause another five minutes then wash with toothpaste. Attention, if you feel pain, then you should go to the dentist to check if you have oral health problems. Also, after use wash well to remove the citric acids which affect the tooth enamel.

There is another method which uses lemon and that is: rinsing the teeth with lemon juice. Prepare the mixture from one third of lemon juice and two-thirds of water. This method can be used every day, except evening.

Baking soda: probably one of the most popular home remedies for teeth whitening, sodium bicarbonate should be used once a week, after regular evening brushing.

Strawberries: It is said that strawberry pulp is the best treatment, for teeth whitening from all fruits. Strawberries really freshens breath. Apples instead have an abrasive structure more rigid which helps cleanse teeth better. You can either eat them or make a paste of baking soda mixed with strawberry and then gently rub your teeth with.

Cauliflower: This vegetable is recommended for teeth whitening because it stimulates saliva production and prevents plaque, enhancing oral health. Cauliflower, celery and apples have a very good effect in preventing dental diseases due to the intake of vitamin C.

Orange peel: Rub the teeth with dried orange peel or lemon peel. You can mix it with basil or sage leaves. It is a slow process, but guaranteed by specialists. After you gently rub your teeth with these ingredients wash them as regularly. In a few months your teeth will shine.

Vinegar: The most effective one is the apple vinegar. Make a mixture of vinegar, salt and a half of tablespoon of baking powder. Rub the teeth with a brush dipped in the paste and then rinse thoroughly.

Lactic acid. Consume as many dairy products – milk, cheese, yogurt – they are fighting gum disease, strengthen tooth enamel and offer your teeth a much more shine.

Hydrogen peroxide: the oxidants from this antiseptic solution whiten teeth. Rinse your mouth several times a month, not more often. If you want to use it several times dilute it with water for 1 minute rinse and spit. Wait to take effect for another minute and then rinse with water.

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Eight Natural Remedies for Teeth Whitening

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