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Eliminate Blackheads, Under Eye Bags And Large Pores

The widespread opinion that blackheads are like “dirt that accumulates in the pores of the skin” is not correct. As noted above, they are inside the skin. That is why trying to get rid of blackheads by cleaning and intensive washing the face is not only ineffective but may even aggravate the problem because of excessive drying of the skin and cause disorder and serious process of exfoliation of cells clog pores.If both proliferate, the layer of skin that completely shut out of the gates, continue to accumulate sebum in the pore and, in time, it becomes visible through the skin, in the form of white point. In medical terms, they are called closed comedones white baskets. Often the skin of adults (especially in the region of the eyelids and around the eyes) appear white dots differ from closed comedones. Usually these whiteheads are hard pressed. In medicine they are called milia. For more details see Article Milia adults.

Penetrating pores filled with sebum, bacteria Propionibacterium acnes begin to actively regenerate the surrounding tissue and causing inflammation of the pores. Some people are particularly sensitive to bacteria and, therefore, the infection it causes the emergence of many large baskets and inflamed. Conversely, people who have good resistance against acne may not have inflamed pimples, but only “white baskets” and “black spots” without inflammation.

  • You can get rid of blackheads just by exfoliating your skin more often. Exfoliation is really important for a hydrated, clean and good looking skin. You can use the steam of any kind of tea, just put your face above the cup with tea and wear a towel on your head to keep all the steam on your face. This will open your pores. After that happens, prepare a recipe from sugar/coffee, olive oil and honey. You can add some drops of water for the solution to be more homogeneous. Now just massage your skin with this treatment, gently. You can also let it act for a couple of minutes. After it is ready, wash your face with warm water and then with cold one, to close your cleaned pores. You can now use a cream for hydration.

The bags under the eyes can be a pain in the ass for all women. If you also have this problem, you do not have to worry anymore or to spend lots of money on cosmetic or pharmaceutical products which not only that have no effect and efficiency, but also harm your skin because they are full of chemicals and toxic additives.

You can just use this natural, homemade treatment in order to get rid of these ugly bags under your eyes: Put some tea bags in water, squeeze them, keep in the freezer for a while and then apply them on the eye area. You can get good results by massaging the affected area with ice cubes for few seconds.

In addition to this, an efficient way for getting rid of large pores is to add a few drops of tea tree essential oil in your cleansing gel because it has antibacterial proprieties.

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Eliminate Blackheads, Under Eye Bags And Large Pores

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