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Eliminate Blackheads With Only 2 Ingredients

Acne has closed comedones, open comedones and disruption caused by processes that ensure normal functioning of the skin.
We immediately notice that, despite the appearance of acne involves basically three reasons (see below), to different people, depending on the characteristics of their body, each of these factors may be more important or less.Therefore, different people at different ages baskets appear in different areas of the body, different number and require different treatment.

The first cause of pimples is overly rapid cell division layer of skin, starting from the pores and dead cells flaking process disorder of the skin surface. In medical terms, this process is called follicular hyperkeratosis or follicular epidermal hyperproliferation.
A second cause is excessive sebum secretion amounts – fatty substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin, hair roots located.
A third cause is the increased sensitivity of bacteria called Propionibacterium acne  that can penetrate deep within the skin pore and cause inflammation.

Here’s how they interact between these three causes that lead to acne:
Because training too many of follicular cells, open pores on the skin surface sebum gets narrower and harder inside pore surface emerges.
Because sebum secretion excessive, it fails to be removed from portions (especially because it is narrower out of p) and pore forming a dense stopper.
If the pore stays open, the top stopper, coming into contact with air, it oxidizes and changes color (becomes darker). We see only the surface of the skin on his upper form of a “black spot”. All those who tried to “extort” black dot know that following pressure leather “out” a yellowish-white substance which is sebum mixed with exfoliated skin cells. In medical terms, “blackheads” are called open comedones.
The widespread opinion that blackheads are like “dirt that accumulates in the pores of the skin” is not correct. As noted above, they are inside the skin. That is why trying to get rid of blackheads by cleaning and intensive washing the face is not only ineffective but may even aggravate the problem because of excessive drying of the skin and cause disorder and serious process of exfoliation of cells clog pores. . If both proliferating layer of skin that completely shut out of the gates, then continue to accumulate sebum in the pore and, in time, it becomes visible through the skin, in the form of white point. In medical terms, they are called closed comedones white baskets. Often the skin of adults (especially in the region of the eyelids and around the eyes) appear white dots differ from closed comedones. Usually these whiteheads are hard pressed. In medicine they are called milia. For more details see Article Milia adults. Penetrating pores filled with sebum, bacteria Propionibacterium acnes begin to actively regenerate the surrounding tissue and causing inflammation of the pores. Some people are particularly sensitive to bacteria and, therefore, the infection it causes the emergence of many large baskets and inflamed. Conversely, people who have good resistance against P.acnes may not have inflamed pimples, but only “white baskets” and “black spots” without inflammation.
Every woman is getting frustrated when black spots are appearing on her face. Black spots are very unattractive and unsightly but you can try the following trick which is extremely simple and efficient.
Egg white can have unsuspected beneficial effects because it is very rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins which are exactly what our skin is in need for. Selenium, for example, is a mineral which is combating acne. Protein helps close pores and protects the skin from bacteria that might develop there and they also reduce wrinkles.
In the first place, you need to do something for your pores to open up; you can use warm water or the steam from any tea. After your pores are opened, just beat the egg white, then using a brush or even your fingers, apply a coat of egg white on the nose, cheekbones and chin. Over the egg layer apply a single layer of toilet paper or paper towel. And here’s your new face!

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Eliminate Blackheads With Only 2 Ingredients

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