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Finger Painting makeup without brushes

The newest  makeup accessory, champion on  precision chapter: your dominant hand! Give up your brushes to try these profesional tricks  collected directly from major podiums! Here are 4 reasons to try the finger painting

1. It’s sexy and relaxing
“Using your hands to stretch the creamy products –  is the only formula that goes without brushes – creates a natural  and sensual look”, supports Rose-Maria Swift, makeup artist and founder of the brand RMS Beauty, a line of products suitable for fingers application.

2. You’re in control
“Your Fingertips feel  the texture,  the moisture and viscosity formula in a way that sponges and brushes can not,” remarks the makeup artist Dick Page, who often gives up the brushes behind the scenes of major shows.

3. It’s easier to blur
“The heat emanating from your body naturally warms the product and it will make it easier to penetrate the skin,” says Swift. Darker pigments stretch easily and takes on a slightly glossy texture and foundations match properly.

4. It’s Healthier
Another aspect: “You know better how clean are your hands,” says makeup artist Tom Pecheux. You can not say the same about brushes and bureţeii lying in a bathroom wet all the time.

Digital Makeup Guide or how to apply creamy formulas perfectly without any utensil:

PRIMER. The  dab method says Page. “Apply the pigment primer in small quantity  then stretch it using your fingers,” he says.

BLUSH and lighting. For blush, apply it directly on the cheekbone and stretch it in circular motions. The illuminator is applied directly to areas of the face where you want extra shine – cheekbones, bridge of nose, Cupid’s bow or internal corners of the eyes.

EYE SHADOW. Apply it on the back of your hands, like a paint palette. Use the index finger, the middle or ring finger (which you handle yourself better) to stretch the pigment on eyelids. With the pinky you can fade the color in problematic areas like the eyes- its thick is ideal.

LIPSTICK. To have the ideal amount of lipstick, apply the formula with the index finger in the center of the lips, then stretch it out. Do not worry if you do not get a perfect shape; the goal is just shade it.

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Finger Painting makeup without brushes

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