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3 remedies for Prematurely Gray Hair Appearance

It has been proved that more and more youngsters are experiencing prematurely grey hair nowadays. Besides growing old, there are other factors that contribute to premature gray hair, too, such as: stress – actually influencing most of our body functions and mental health, unhealthy habits and also genetics, factors that seem to be the main causes of gray hair. Though, if you are experiencing this kind of problem, you can solve it by appealing to several natural treatments, as the following:

  1. Coconut oil and curry leaves hair mask

Curry is the well known miracle ingredient used in food, recognized for its anticancer properties and used in cosmetic products to prevent gray hair appearance. In addition, curry leaves have also great properties in order to retain the original color of the hair. To put it in a different way, as long as you include curry in your diet, gray hair appearance will decrease in a significant way.


– 100 ml of coconut oil
– a handful of curry leaves

Method of preparation:

Take the curry leaves and out them on fire to let them boil. Add the coconut oil. Let them blend together on fire until the curry leaves become dark. You can stop now the boiling process and pass the composition obtained through a strainer. Put the mixture in a jar that closes tightly. The mask resulted should be applied at night. Rub the scalp gently for 15-20 minutes while applying the mask and let it on over the night. Rinse your hair only the next morning. Results are guaranteed to appear starting from three months of treatment. After all, it is a herbal remedy that helps your body react in such a way to prevent growing new gray hairs so if you want to see the effects you should be patient and consistent in applying the treatment.

  1. Sesame oil and carrot juice hair mask

Another effective treatment to combat gray hair appearance is based on sesame oil and carrot juice.


– sesame oil (depending on the length of the hair)
– carrot juice (depending on the length of the hair and both liquids should have the same amount)
– powder of fenugreek seed (must contain half of the amount of liquids)

Preparation method:

This mask can be prepared in a very quick and simple manner. You have to mix the sesame oil, carrot juice and fenugreek seed powder in recipient of glass and let the mixture in the sun for 21 days. After these 21 days, apply the mask resulted directly on your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes. The results should be expected to appear within three months from the first treatment applied and they are considered to be miraculous.

  1. Onion juice hair mask

Another excellent remedy when dealing with premature hair graying is onion. Recently, studies were found out regarding the process occurring when the hair is turning grey. Apparently the hair turns grey due to the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide at the base of hair follicles, on the other hand, a lower level of catalase – an antioxidant compound is another crucial factor.

Make your own mask out of onion juice. Add a few drops of essential oil into the onion juice in order to remove the powerful pungent odor of onion and mix. Apply it on your hair and massage the scalp for a few minutes. Leave the mask to take effect between half an hour to an hour. Repeat this mask treatment on a daily basis for several weeks. The effects will be spectacular.

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3 remedies for Prematurely Gray Hair Appearance

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