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How to get rid of 8KG of toxins from your body

Detoxification has become fashionable nowadays. Everyone wants to take such a course to cleanse the liver, blood or colon. The problem isĀ  few know how to make a body detoxification in a healthy way. A good habit would be to start each morning with a drink made of water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. It’s like lemonade that detox without sweetener. When you drink it, you will start your day with a good feeling, a feeling that your whole body is cleansing.

Lemon water and cayenne pepper is an excellent way of cleansing the body regularly, even when you’re not in detox.

Cayenne pepper and lemon juice both have anti-fungal properties, increase immunity and detoxify.
Lemon juice is excellent for digestion, destroys bacteria and cleanse the body, helps the liver and kidney to eliminate toxins.
Hot pepper increases metabolism, stimulates the circulatory system, help digestion and regulate blood sugar.
Mix them together and you have a very powerful detox drink!
How is it prepared
About 500 ml of warm water
1/2 lemon juice or all
A pinch of cayenne pepper (enough to feel the heat, but not so spicy as to be hardly consumed)
So, give him a chance! This drink can become part of the morning routine.

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How to get rid of 8KG of toxins from your body

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