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Get rid of ants using natural methods

You were taught since childhood probably not to harm ants, to walk by swarm of ants and to try to protect them. However, when you see that your beautiful garden is attacked by ants and sometimes they even pinch you, you tend to forget about your  grandparents advice. However, killing them wouldn’t be a good solution, it would be better to use solutions that  will convince them to leave your garden, permanently. Here are these methods:

Use vinegar
In a spray bottle add half a liter of vinegar and spread the solution through places that you know there are usually ants. This will repel insects and will undoubtedly hold off for a very long period. However, occasionally it is recommended to spray for prevention.

Cultivate herbs
There are a number of herbs that keep ants at bay. So if you plant mint,  garlic or wormwood in the garden, preferably among your plants, the ants will not have any chance to get close. However, you should take into consideration that mint is an invasive plant and it will expand rapidly suffocating the roots of other plants in the garden. In this regard, among other plants you can grow mint around its roots only if you put a plastic barrier that does not allow it to further develop under the ground. On the other hand, there are some plants that attract ants, so if you have a problem with insects, avoid cultivating in your garden peonies.

Use the spices
Ants don’t love strong flavors, so if if you sprinkle in strategic places a pinch of cinnamon, pepper, chilli, garlic or salt, it is possible that in a very short time, the entire swarm of ants to leave your garden.
You can sprinkle the spices in the garden, around the flowers and the roots, but not in large quantities because they may represent a problem for plants.

Spread the orange peel
The smell of citrus peels destroy fungi that feed on ants, which means that the lack of food, but also a strong smell of lemon, orange or grapefruit, will make the ants emigrate in search of  a more inviting nest.

The last solution: boric acid
In some cases ants will stubborn not to leave, and in such situations, you need to apply tougher measures. In veterinary pharmacy you will find a solution that is called boric acid. If you mix it with water you will obtain a solution poisonous to ants.

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Get rid of ants using natural methods

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