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Get rid of Your Belly Fat Fast

The recipe to melt your belly fat is very simple: the muscles store energy as glycogen. When you exercise glycogen is consumed as fuel. After fitness session, fat from fat deposits is transferred to replenish muscle glycogen stores.

Cardio, best fat burner
Work hard and in short intervals.Keep in mind that the exercise is more effective when the effort is greater.You can do these exercises not only at home, but also in the park.
The secret is to start slowly for 60-90 seconds, then speed up to 30 seconds. Alternate exercises the second half after a break of 30 seconds.
Finish abdomen exercises with a short run round as fast as you can for one minute.

Exercises with dumbbells
You can have perfect abs in less time if you make use of some special tools, like dumbbells, for instance.
Dumbbells is not expensive or hard to find, but a common cardio tool, that you can use daily.There will be enough 10-20 times each exercise made with it plus some jumping squats, push ups or climbing stairs.

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Get rid of Your Belly Fat Fast

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